Inverness Treefort 
Inverness, California

I am invited to a small wild overgrown yard to come up with ideas for a treefort for the kids. The family recently bought the property and the kids think the yard as-is is too dark, too spidery, too unfriendly so my plan is to thin it a bit and entice them into it with some tree structures!

I draw my ideas on photocopies of photos of the yard to help everyone visualize the project and to see how it will look in place.

Then we get to build it! There’s a multi-level treefort that connects with a 21ft long swinging bridge to a small clubhouse covered with rock climbing holds & plus there’s a coil climber. There’s also a zipline, and a water cannon for blasting those on the zipline. There’s a giant rope for pulling yourself up the hill. I like to add in multiple ways up and down to keep the kids running round and round. Check out other photos on or visit my tumblr blog for photos throughout the installation:


  1. Hi,I am interested in hvaing you build a tree house/play house in my backyard for a 7 year old girl. What is the best way to start this process? We have trees in the yard but most likely this would be one built from the ground. Can I also get a rough estimate on cost?Thank you and your photos are wonderful.Anne

    • Hi Bela, thank you for your comments! Sorry for our delay in responding (we are still a little new at this). Suzanne is going to send you an email with lots of information about how to get going on a treehouse project, including rough estimate of costs. In the meantime, if you see any one structure on our website that is close to what you are looking for, just let us know. We are happy to work with you. Piaf

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