A Home for The Play’s the Thing

Site---7We are pleased to announce that The Play’s the Thing, our donation to this year’s Dreams Happen Auction and Fundraiser is now happily installed in its new home flanked by massive redwoods.Site---8Complete with ticket window, actor’s entrance and stage, this play structure is ready for an impromptu rendition of Hamilton or Hamlet beneath the stars. Lights, Camera, Action!
Site---6Thread your way through these stately trees to the Actor’s Entrance and burst on stage right on cue.
Site---3Now it’s time for your dramatic getaway from the second-story balcony via tube slide. Bet the villains never saw that coming!

Site---4Not in a thespian mood? This little gem has got you covered for an active, rollicking play experience, too. Scale the rope climb, rock wall or ladder for an upper-body workout… Race around the structure a few times for some cardio… Hop in the swing for some giggles and shrieks…Site---1Even from afar, The Play’s the Thing is pulling double duty: easy on the eyes and all proceeds went to a good cause. Now that’s something we can all feel good about!

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