A Place to Daydream…

Kathleen-Robin-Hood-Treefort-04We are pretty proud of how well-built, engaging and eco-friendly our structures are. We know they are gorgeous and lead to countless hours of imaginative play and healthy, outdoor fun. But there’s nothing better than hearing it right from a client!

From Kathleen:

Kathleen-Robin-Hood-Treefort-06I cannot adequately express our children’s’ reactions as sometimes words pale in comparison.  As Jeff wrapped up, our children waited with friends and cousins on one side of our fence, hands gripping the rails and their little faces pushing through, eyes wide with anticipation.

Imagine being a little kid and seeing this multi-colored fantasyland beckoning to you!  How would you feel?  They were so excited, and, I have to admit, George and I felt pretty wonderful, too.  Barbara didn’t just fulfill their fantasy. She fulfilled my husband’s and mine, as well. We became Superdad and Supermom! 



Already five years have gone by and the play structure is still an integral part of life, not just for us, but  for friends in the neighborhood. Many a contest has been held and ‘battle’ waged, as well as swinging and singing, cops and robbers, chase games, and, least but not last, in just the right perch, time for just daydreaming!

We’re are so happy to play a small part in so many amazing family memories!

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