About Will Pratt, Builder/Installer

Will Pratt: Expert Builder/Installer
– Fabricates treehouses & play structures
– Travels to sites & participates in installations
– Keeps everyone amused with antics

About Will:
– 2nd youngest crew member
– Recently moved to Brooklyn, NY with his girlfriend
– but still signs on for East Coast Installations
– Plays Banjo / member of Jazz band
– Recycling advocate & Bike enthusiast

More about Will…

Will’s the kind of guy that when he digs a giant post hole, he can’t resist trying it on for fit…

He’s interested in new ideas and likes to work on the challenging projects, like hanging these “winder steps” from the underside of a giant deck using rope covered cable.

And like all the guys, he loves testing out the Zip Line Rides – the faster the better. It’s hard work and all fun when installing a treehouse on site!

Will and Marco take a break to admirer their handiwork and (in this case) enjoy watching the fun that the new kid “owners” are having on their first adventure through their treehouse.

The kids have to stay back during the installations and can only watch from a distance. It’s a riot when they finally get the go ahead to play!

Jeff, Will and Marco on a prior installation – the same expert crew working with Barbara this week on the Long Island Treehouse.

Barbara promises to send pictures!

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