Amalgamated Play Headquarters

Here at BBAB, we’ve been gearing up for Dreams Happen 2019 with our latest creation, Amalgamated Play Headquarters. Since 1999, we’ve been donating play structures bi-annually to Rebuilding Together Peninsula, a non-profit that helps low-income residents with home repairs. After auctioning off the structures, all proceeds go to this important mission.

You can check out our structure in person at the Stanford Shopping Center from May 4 to June 1. To get in on the fun of the Dreams Happen Gala & Auction, grab your tickets here.

Amalgamated Play Headquarters is the nerve-center for our world-wide operations dedicated to the serious business of fun and play! One part theater, one part playground, and one part quiet retreat, this structure is a fusion of physical and imaginative activity.

For a workout, hoist yourself up the rock climbing wall, scamper across the bridge and glide down the turbo tube slide. There are plenty of Barbara’s “loops of play” to keep kids running and exploring. On days when you’re feeling more theatrical, stage a production on the built-in stage, complete with ticket booth, working Sunbrella curtains, and a generous backstage area for preparing for your dramatic entrance. More in the mood for reading, writing or arithmetic? Use the solar powered light (yep, the one by Voltaic currently featured on Kickstarter) in the upper playhouse for reading, or plug your device into the included USB port.     

Hope to see you on June 1 with the highest bid 🙂


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