Amalgamated Play HQ on the Move

The last step in donating this powerhouse of a structure to Rebuilding Together Peninsula is to assemble it in the shop and transport it to the Stanford Shopping Center. Amalgamated Play Headquarters is our latest in a long line of donations to the Dreams Happen Gala & Auction. As you can see, teamwork and communication are the key to our efficient building system. Above, Jeff Beal, co-owner and Barbara’s husband, attaches the twisty slide to the wooden frame.

Each section is meticulously checked for any last-minute touch-ups before we declare the structure to be play-worthy.
Because our structures are built in a modular fashion, they can be taken apart and then reassembled if needed. In this case, however, CB Trucking has kindly donated the services of a flatbed big rig to transport Amalgamated Play Headquarters to the auction site.

The 48-foot truck can easily accommodate the fully assembled structure. Once loaded, it will be safely secured to the vehicle for its ride to the mall.
In the midst of these preparations, Barbara pauses for an interview with a videographer for the Dreams Happen fundraiser. It’s all in a day’s work for an artist-builder! Here, sisters and co-owners Suzanne and Barbara take a moment to savor a job well done. See you at the Gala!

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