Atherton Cottage

A whimsical fairy-tale structure geared towards creativity and play, Atherton Cottage is a two-story structure featuring multiple decks and interior spaces. With real windows and doors, this cottage is completely weatherproof, allowing for imaginative play in all seasons. On the first floor, shelves stand stocked with art supplies and a table stands ready for any project you can come up with. Welcome to the studio, maestros!
For those still waiting for inspiration to strike, head to the second story. Made for lounging, this light-filled room practically requires daydreaming. Well-placed bean bag chairs invite quiet contemplation of the clouds through the skylight.Sometimes the muse hands you an idea of the thespian variety. At these moments, the front deck can be effortlessly transformed into a theater with the cleverly-placed curtains creating a back stage space. Let the show begin…In the mood for some active fun? Try climbing the rock wall or rope, swinging along the monkey bars, or dashing across the elevated bridge to the tree observatory. Surrounding a beautiful redwood, this deck brings out your inner tree-hugger. Whether you’re sketching birds or running your fingers dreamily along the rough bark, you’re sure to tank up on your daily dose of nature.See you next time!

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