Atherton Treehouse

IMG_0388The day of the big reveal: Just in time for a birthday party, we unveiled the finished treehouse bedecked with a massive red bow. You may recall that during the construction process, we covered it each night with black cloth so as to not spoil the surprise. (See this post.) IMG_0367Inside, the treehouse is loaded with play accessories. A mini kitchen nestled in the corner has plenty of space for kitchen gadgets on the shelves and hooks above the stove. Under the window, versatile wall-mounted table and stools can be folded flat for more floor space and set up in a jiffy when dinner’s ready.
IMG_0366On the far side, a hand-carved heart cabinet provides more storage while the door below cleverly hides a secret escape hatch.
IMG_0379Just outside the front door, a lovely outdoor seating area beckons for children to daydream amongst the trees.
IMG_0378Each chair is handcrafted from sustainable redwood and stained with the vibrant hues of our eco-friendly tung oil.

IMG_2639Down below, row boat 42 is filled with sand for digging, scooping, and making sand castles.

IMG_7057Even the bow was made from scratch using chicken wire armature covered with brown paper and red spray paint. Here’s Kat with her masterpiece!

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