Ava’s Bridge at the Shop

In each of the Magical Bridge Playgrounds, Ava’s Bridge acts as a welcoming conduit into the all-abilities play zone. For the latest project in Redwood City, we begin by fabricating the bridge in the shop. Each element is handcrafted out of sustainable redwood lumber and stained with our signature non-toxic tung oil. This attention to detail ensures that this bridge can stand up to anything the kids can throw at it.
Because of Magical Bridge’s commitment to being uniquely accessible, the bridge will accommodate children and adults who use wheelchairs or other assistive mobility devices.
This piece will form one of the sides of the bridge with the narrow slots along the railing allowing children to peep through as they pass. The arched shape and carved suns add to the charming visual appeal of the structure.

Our spacious South San Francisco shop allows us to fully build large structures such as these off-site. Due to its size and weight, Ava’s Bridge will be transported to the playground area via truck and then put in the correct place by crane.Stay tuned for the next step: installing on site!

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