Ava’s Bridge Installation

The first step to installing Ava’s Bridge at Magical Bridge‘s Redwood City location is to precisely lower the bridge deck into place using a crane. Next, the we bolt the railing into place. As you can see, the bridge is actually a straight platform for ease of walking or rolling across but gives the impression of a whimsical, arched bridge from the side. These types of details are what sets Magical Bridge apart from other parks that claim to be accessible to all.Here, we attach the knee braces adorned with colorful sun cut-outs. They both add to the illusion of a curved bridge and provide a fun pop of color.Ava’s Bridge welcomes people of all abilities to lose themselves in a world of imagination and play, an experience that is regretfully all too rare for those facing mobility or developmental challenges.This is the welcoming sight that will greet players of all kinds when they arrive at the latest Magical Bridge playground in Redwood City.From this angle you can see the beautiful donor wall that honors everyone who has helped bring this truly accessible playground to Redwood City.

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