Barbara’s back from the LI Treehouse install

After a week on site installing the Long Island treehouse, this is Barbara’s 1st day back at the shop.

1st order of business is to walk her dog, Daisy, who is really happy to have Barbara back! Daisy (a rescue from the Ridgeback society) is half Rhodesian Ridgeback and half unknown – maybe German Shepard.

Barbara’s dressed in magenta & red, with a touch of orange – one of her favorite color combinations! She also likes blue jeans and red cowboy boots.

Next, a walk through the shop to check out the progress on our next adventure: Castle Play Structure.

Wall panels for the Princess Tower are in the staining bay. Rudi has just finished this panel and it is ready for some drying time.

Turns out that Rudi will be taking tomorrow off for an important appointment: his interview to become a citizen of the United States of America!

Rudi, who was born in Amsterdam, has lived in the US for over 20 years. This is a momentous occasion – he has studied long and hard for the test. Barbara is helping out by asking Rudi some US history questions . Rudi is giving her the names of the 3 branches of the government. Do you know them?

Then on to conferring with Marco about the status of the play structure. Marco is working on the play accessories for inside the Princess Tower.

Back in the office, Barbara is taking a call from a client. When I looked over from my desk, I just loved the red boots and couldn’t resist this shot.

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