Barbara’s Castle Play Structure is under construction

Thursday, 6/10:

Started the day with Aubrey (newest team member) out on the dock grinding the redwood smooth on all sides. We grind the wood smooth so kids won’t get splinters and round the corners so no sharp edges.

Every builder starts in the grinding position, learning how to get the wood to a “buttery smooth” complexion.

In the Building bay, Marco is constructing the upper Clubhouse and Deck, and stops to discuss details with Jeff.

The guys build from detailed AutoCAD plans that are created by James Butler (Barbara’s brother) before any building can commence. James lives in Los Angeles and works out of his home office.

James, a licensed Contractor, often goes on the installations.

In the back of the Building bay, Jose is constructing the doors and shutters while Andrew is building the Gable roof frame.

Meanwhile, the Bridge railing has been completed and moved over to the Staining bay.

Rudi is taking inventory of our color stain supplies to determine what colors he will have to mix up for this big job.

Since the colors have not been finalized yet, it is still a guess. Barbara hopes to have colors finalized this coming weekend – install is scheduled for the week of June 28th and that’s coming up fast!

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