BBAB Junior Intern

Barbara Butler & BBAB junior intern Eight years ago, Barbara Butler and the BBAB crew built a rustic climbing structure in Will Crocker’s backyard. Today, he joins us in the shop as a junior intern for a week.Will on log climbIn 2008, young Will was fascinated by both the installation process and the delightful result: a handcrafted backyard climber’s paradise complete with hanging rings, swing, climbing log, fire pole and trapeze hang.IMG_2812-2¬†Inspired by all the building he saw, Will joined in on the fun. Here he is with his own structure of reclaimed wood!
IMG_2708Today, teenage Will still has the same passion for building and was able to make a childhood dream come true when he joined us for a jam-packed week of hands-on experience as our junior intern.IMG_2677We brought him with us on-site for a maintenance call, and he helped with the annual deep clean and new coat of tung oil that will keep this structure looking good for generations.
IMG_2658 Like most teens, Will is a adept at all facets of technology, so he also documented the process to share with clients. Ultimately, he was able to create a how-to video for our website:

He even took the shop doggies on a scenic industrial walk.
IMG_2515Thanks, Will. We hope you’ll join us again next summer!IMG_2691

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