Boy Scouts make garden signs from donated redwood

When Mitch Sr. asked Barbara if she had any redwood scrapes to donate to his son’s Boy Scout Troop, the answer was YES!

The troop was working on a community garden service project (for badges) at Stanton Elementary in Castro Valley, making 10 informative signs.

The teacher who runs the garden had a vision to turn a weedy hillside into an outdoor classroom, putting bricks in to honor all those who donated.

We received an excellent thank you note from Mitch Jr:

Hello Ms.Butler: my name is Mitch and I am a Boy Scout in Troop 726. I recently finished my Life Project in my road to Eagle. My project was to build 10 similar signs out of wood for the Stanton Elementary Garden. I could not have done this project without your generous donation of redwood supply for creating my signs. I believe that the Stanton Elementary Community will be very pleased with the signs I have made with your wood. In conclusion, THANK YOU for your wood for my project.Sincerely, Mitch, 14, Scout Troop 726

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