Building a Double Decker

Every project at BBAB begins with design created in collaboration with the client. Once we’ve got the structural details ironed out and checked each box on the children’s wish list, several color schemes are tested out with good old fashioned colored pencils that are calibrated to match our extensive range of stain colors.The next step is to fabricate the structure in our shop, using sustainable redwood lumber. Each section is made separately for easier transport and will be fully assembled on-site.We bring all the components together in the shop first, to test and remedy any minor discrepancies. It takes teamwork to get the roof in place.Now our construction crew hands off the project to our staining specialists. A full coat of our signature natural tung oil stain imparts both color and resistance to the weather, while still allowing the beautiful grain of the wood to shine through.

Next up, we added finishing touches, such as rock wall holds and railings. Here, we are adding a decorative metal rail onto the French doors to create a Juliet balcony for the second story.

The final step is to assemble and install the structure on-site. When bad weather rolls through, we simply batten down the hatches with multiple tarps and get back to the job when the storm has passed.

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