Building the Pasadena Treehouse

Our Pasadena treehouse project is moving from the stick-out┬áto the construction phase. Like all our custom jobs, the structure will be built at our shop in South San Francisco and assembled on-site. Shown above, the jewel-colored palette the client has chosen includes several shades of blue and purple as well as nutmeg, dark walnut, magenta, spruce and berry. Like a precious gem nestled among the emeralds in a king’s treasury, this treehouse’s vibrant hues will complement the greenery of the surrounding foliage.

Dasiy Ha shop-3Here, Barbara is finishing up the color scheme for final approval. All coloring is done by hand on a desk overflowing with creativity!
Dasiy Ha shop-6Stained trim pieces await their final placement onto the treehouse by Marco.
Dasiy Ha shop-5 - stain interiors

The Clubhouse’s interior walls and gable roof pieces are stained a shade we call splash.
Dasiy Ha shop-1Barbara and Marco discuss progress on the pulley box in our light-filled shop, while Jose works on the treehouse deck. In the background, sustainable redwood lumber lines the walls, waiting to be handcrafted into a treehouse, a play structure or another type of play space.


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