California Dreamin’

This dreamy place to play features a club house, two swings, a bridge, a tunnel slide, a rope net climb and a rock climbing wall. The natural colors integrate the structure into the surrounding scenery, while the multitude of opportunities to climb, jump and run call out to the children. Professional-grade rock climbing holds, set at child-sized intervals, make for a challenging but do-able climb to the second story. A bucket pulley stands at the ready to hoist up secret messages, treasure chests or the queen’s lunch.Inside, a skylight provides natural light throughout, illuminating a fold-down table and benches fit for a royal banquet or some cozy day dreaming. The Top Secret Safe, with the combination cleverly hidden behind the coat of arms on the wall behind it, features a real lock and doubles as extra seating.The underside of the second-story bridge is decked out with monkey bars and hanging rings for an upper-body workout. Balls and other outdoor toys have a place to be stashed with a built-in storage box.

Come join us for some California Dreamin’.

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