Calling all future American Ninja Warriors!


It sometimes seems like the only people in the world who can keep up with the formidable Kacy Catanzaro (of American Ninja Warrior fame) are kids. Up, down, around, back through and back again…. and once more! If you’re raising a little American Ninja Warrior yourself, it’s time to outfit your backyard with an activity center and give your furniture a break.

American Ninja Warrior Sketch

We recently began working on our first American Ninja Warrior inspired backyard course. As always, Barbara created a sketch in collaboration with the family to create the most engaging and challenging structure possible. Next step: fabrication. (Stay tuned for updates on the blog.)
Activity Center 1 - a mainWhile we hope to create more ninja-style courses for older kids in the future, we’ve got the younger set covered, too. These activity centers create loops of play by connecting swings, monkey bars, rings, trolley rides and more. Because each component is connected to the next, you can maximize the options for fun even in a small space.

Activity Center 2 - bThey are easy to customize to your kids’ interests, and the swings can even be swapped out as they grow. This family opted for swings, monkey bars and a slide with neutral-colored wood for a natural look that highlights the beauty of the surrounding greenery.

Activity Center 1 - d ringsWith all these options for hanging, twisting and climbing, you can be sure the little ones will sleep well after their full-body workout.

Activity Center 1 - c trolly rideCalling all future American Ninja Warriors…

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