Cape Codder Transformation

Kay Luo PhotographyThis lovely little Cape Codder looks brand new, but it is actually a used playhouse that we refurbished for a new family to enjoy.

Cape CodderOriginally a white stand-alone cottage, this well-loved playhouse was ready for a new home as the children morphed into gangly teens. Luckily, another young family was in the market for just such a structure.IMG_3516We disassembled the house and brought it back to the shop for a full tune-up and a new coat of stain. Here’s a before and after of some of the Cape Codder’s components.IMG_4385On site, the playhouse and a few extras are assembled. A tree platform, swings and hanging bar transform the Cape Codder into a full playground.
IMG_4386Master stainer Rudi applies the finishing touches to the structure’s new hue. Our custom-blended tung oil stains not only add color but also weather-proof the sustainable redwood that we use in all our tree houses.
IMG_3962Let the fun begin!

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