Castle Colorful 2.0

BarbaraButlerCastleColorfulOriginally built in 2006, Castle Colorful’s family recently moved out and this deluxe custom structure was ready to make some new memories. When another family moved in, we treated Castle Colorful to a pampering restain.
CastleColorful2After a spa day (deep clean and a new coat of stain), Castle Colorful was once again living up to her name with a sparkling palette of rich hues. Above, a rock climbing wall leads to one of the upper level towers, swinging bridge to the other tower, and zip line take-off point.

castlecolorful10The bottom floor of each tower is an octagonal playhouse with message board, shuttered windows, doors with who-goes-there peepholes and bucket pulley.
CastleColorfulRestain In addition to several slides and swings, Castle Colorful sports a zany extra-long monkey bar course complete with professional-grade rock holds along the upright posts for an extra challenge.¬†Guaranteed good night’s sleep for kids who take on this one!IMG_2771 A dainty second-story balcony doubles as a lookout perch so you can move seamlessly from a rendition of Romeo & Juliet to an action-packed adventure story.IMG_2776This adorable little cottage is tucked into a corner for kids looking for a slower pace of play. With dutch doors, who-goes-there peephole, mail box and our signature no-finger-pinching 1/2″ hinge gap, it’s perfect for the younger crowd. Here’s to many more years of fun for Castle Colorful 2.0!

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