Castle Play Structure: Day 1 Installation

Castle Play Structure: Everything is built and the site is ready!
Barbara does a quick layout inside the newly graded space to verify that the play structure, with appropriate Use Zone, will still fit.

Installation Day1: Monday is a hot, sunny day. Things heat up quickly when carrying all the play structure pieces, equipment and tools up a long, windy steep slope to the site.

The guys store everything in a barn near by.

1st step is to set up shade tent for the week.

Next step is to set up the scaffolding that will hold the big deck up in the air.

Then get out the post hole digging tools because there are a lot of holes to be dug!

This is very rocky soil so we use a variety of instruments: the 2-man auger (Marco & Armando), the demo hammer (Aubrey) and the rock bar (Jeff) plus post hole diggers, shovels, and lots of grit & determination.

Once the holes are dug, the guys install the posts
making sure that everything is level.

Then the knee braces go up

surrounding the big deck in half-moon curves of brilliant magenta.

Barbara is happy with the progress. All pictures, by the way, are taken by Barbara (which is why she doesn’t show up in any). But she is there, making sure everything goes smoothly and correctly.

Today was all the structural stuff – hard, dusty work and it still looks chaotic. But tomorrow, things get really interesting. Stay tuned.

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