Castle Play Structure – last minute play set details

The entire Play Set will be packed up Monday morning and transported to site for installation. The end of this past week was all about the details:

Aubrey adds professional Rock Climbing Holds to the Princess Tower walls:

Marco hangs doors and shutters & glues the long screws into the door knobs (extra secure) before screwing the knobs to the shutters:

Then Marco “details” the Kitchen play set. Here he is working on the Sink/Stove cabinet and will finish the matching Refrigerator later…

Then works on hinging the Drop Leaf Table & 2 Drop Seats that will be added to the Princess Tower interior:

Meanwhile, Jeff is putting together the Double Water Cannon: this custom water gun rotates & swivels, spraying a stream of water up to 30′ off the bridge.

Rudi stains the long footing posts for the Clubhouse deck (2 color combination) while the other footing posts dry next to the lumber racks:

Then Rudi finishes staining all the bright & shinny details: finial tops, stars for the roof, and the burners for the stove top play accessory:

Back in the building bay, Jose puts together the Big Deck to test fit.

Monday morning, everything has to get loaded into the truck!

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