Castle Play Structure under construction

Monday, June 14th

Colors are finalized! Here is Barbara’s Artist Sketch with the final color palette. The only change requested is to make the pink more of a “Princess Pink” if at all possible.

Rudi starts off by staining the interior walls of the Clubhouse (Frog) followed by the Clubhouse front door and window shutters (Autumn).

Click on color swatches to see our 59 colors

In the Building Bay, Aubrey continues to grind more redwood, while Armando carves the trim lines around the doors and windows.

Jose, about to start adding redwood T&G siding to the Gable roof, first takes time to study the plans. Each of the guys has their own “book” of AutoCAD documents that they refer to each step of the way.

Meanwhile, Barbara, Jeff, Marco and Will have been on site in Southampton all day, unloading the truck, setting up camp and starting the layouts. Hope to bring you more news and images tomorrow. For now, they are headed to the house they rented for the week where they will make dinner and have a few beers!

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