Choose Your Adventure

IMG_0749The most engaging play spaces? Ones that give kids options. Distinct areas for different kinds of play are key. One benefit of multifaceted structures is that they help integrate a wide range of personalities, from the bookish introvert living next door to the high-energy cousin who can climb anything. IMG_3871Another plus: they are welcoming to a wide range of ages. Little brother can dig in the sandbox while the big kids run across the hanging bridge. A toddler-friendly ladder on one side and a challenging rock wall on the other means they can meet at the top. IMG_3898

Finally, this type of treehouse makes space for a more complex type of imaginative play. Perhaps the fugitives have hunkered down in a hidden cave for the night, or are rowing to safety in a stolen boat. Or maybe the royal tea party is interrupted by wild animals who must be chased off before the guests can return to their crumpets.

IMG_3878 A quiet picnic nook and an art corner make space for your budding artist to take a break from the chase.IMG_3867An exhilarating ride on the zip line is a chance for a cautious child to face their fears.


Time spent playing is more than just a break for mom. It’s a crucial part of children’s development, and an inviting setting encourages them to dive into outdoor, imaginative games. Happy playing!

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