Classic Treehouse 2.0

Wrapped in the embrace of a leafy tree, Classic Treehouse 2.0 features a spacious 14′ x 16′ deck, all-weather clubhouse, and a variety of climbing features.

To accommodate the tree trunk growing directly through the deck, a perfectly-shaped cut-out keeps the tree strong and healthy for many years to come while also allowing kids to feel immersed in its branches.

To get up to the treehouse, simply climb the ladder, rock wall, or rope net climb. A fire pole offers a speedy way down for those who are so inclined.

With tempered glass windows and a double-layered gable roof, this clubhouse is 100% waterproof and ready for fun in all kinds of weather.

The interior of the clubhouse features two levels of playing space, including a top-secret safe, storage cabinet, foldable table and benches, and a skylight to illuminate the upper loft area.

The skylight offers excellent views for day dreaming, lollygagging, or chillaxing. Of course, it can also double as prison tower, castle turret, or space ship control room if you just add a dash of youthful imagination!

Hidden behind a cabinet door on the lower level is a secret escape hatch leading to a 3′ x 3′ hanging platform below the deck.

From here, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump to freedom!


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