Contemporary Treehouse

Contemporary Treehouse is not only up in a tree but also perched on a hill, leading to incredible views from the structure. This uniquely-shaped play space includes a clubhouse, a wrap-around deck, jiggly bridge, rock-climbing wall, fire pole, and rope ladder

Built into a steep, seemingly-unusable portion of this family’s yard, Barbara’s design takes advantage of the land’s natural shape and a glorious tree growing at the base of the slope.

The end result is a multi-faceted structure where kids can move up, down and all around in many different ways as they interact with the structure, the land and the tree.With utmost respect for the health of the tree, we created a deck that works around the tree’s branches, creating a whimsical blend of shapes and colors.
Inside, a streamlined, light-filled space welcomes children and whatever their imaginations can come up with. Even the table and benches will kindly get out of the way by folding against the wall if needed.Once again, the natural shape of the tree is honored, this time with a 3-sided window cut-out that invites the outdoors into the space. In addition, many windows and a ceiling skylight let in even more light. Our top secret safe comes complete with a fully-functional combination lock for safeguarding the keys to the kingdom.For a quick way down, this deck includes an opening that leads to a rope-n-rung ladder to the ground, where they can access other fun features of Contemporary Treehouse, such as the disc swing, rock wall, and rope climb. For safety’s sake, the opening is surrounded with a railing and gate. Let the games begin!

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