Coral Gables Castle: From Shop to Site

inspectionThis week’s post comes to you from sunny Coral Gables, Florida! After fabricating all the components for this tropical castle at our shop in the Bay Area, it is time to assemble the pieces on-site and install the structure.

img_3148First step: road trip! While Jeff drives the components cross country in a giant truck, Barbara and the crew hop onto a plane.

stacked-partFar from the loading dock where we last saw them, colorful doors, walls and floors stand stacked among the Florida greenery.

img_3229Walls are assembled into larger components, such as this octagonal tower base studded with professional-grade rock climbing holds. Once the footings have been secured with cement, the next level of the structure can be added.

waveNext comes the second story of the towers, which are joined by an elegant arched bridge.  It takes the whole team working together to bring these individual parts together into a unified Coral Gables Castle. Hi, Barbara!

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