Coral Gables Castle

10-bridgeAfter weeks of construction in the shop, a cross-country trip, and dodging rain showers in the installation process, Coral Gables Castle is complete. She stands regally in her tropical setting, ready to spark any child’s imagination.
09-top-secret Tucked into a corner of the two-story tower is one of Barbara’s signature “Top Secret” safes, perfect for storing the keys to the kingdom or the ancient treasure map discovered on your last adventure. 07-ships-wheel

Follow that map to the ends of the earth, even if it means steering your ship through dangerous waters infested with sea serpents and mythical dragons.

01-whole-viewWhen you reach the foreboding cliffs at the other end of the sea, you’ll have to scale them using only your wits and these professional-grade rock-climbing hand holds.
06-rope-bridgeBut this quest is not yet complete. The only way across the moat of boiling lava is this rope bridge that leads to the castle. Can you dash across before the guards spot you and sound the alarm? 04-stairway-toTiptoeing down these spiral stairs will get you one step closer to “X marks the spot.”
03-bridge-reverse Once you’ve found the treasure chest, hoist it up with this handy pulley and take a well-deserved break at Coral Gables Castle.


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