Cozy Cabin Playhouse finished

The Cozy Cabin is our smallest playhouse: perfectly sized for kids ages 1 to 5 years old. It will fit in a corner, on a deck, inside a play room or in the middle of a garden! Young children love to go inside, close the door, open the shutters, slide the “peek-a-boo”, put mail in the mail slot, peek through the cut-outs and then invite you in. It is exactly right for their size.

While we are building the playhouse, Barbara works with the client on creating the color palette:

This beautiful color palette reflects the colors of the garden:

Because this Cozy Cabin was installed on a slight slope, we secured it with 2 front footings, hidden by the extra skirting on the front.

No playhouse is complete without the sound of laughter coming from the adorable kids that really own it!

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