Crooked Gap Clubhouse


Crooked-Gap-Clubhouse-2 You’ll need both a secret password and solid climbing skills to get into this clubhouse!  Start by making your way down the steep hillside with the help of a massive rope. If you’re up for yet another challenge, test out the climbing wall and you’ll end up at an even lower elevation.

color-map-3Like all of our projects, Crooked Gap Clubhouse starts off as a paper sketch. Barbara works with the family to arrive at a color palette that everyone’s excited about.

Crooked-Gap-Clubhouse-10Next up is the stick-out, a crucial step when taking exact measurements on uneven terrain. Once measuring is completed, the deck framing begins, followed by the installation of the clubhouse. The walls and roof are built in our shop and assembled on-site by our dedicated crew.Crooked-Gap-Clubhouse-17And voilà! A rough, steep hillside is transformed into a rugged and adventurous kids’ paradise: Crooked Gap Clubhouse.


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