Day in the Life of a Classic Treehouse

Classic-Treehouse-2Let’s take a peek at a day in the life of a Classic Treehouse:

As dawn breaks over the horizon, the treehouse is filled with the sounds of birds chirping out their good morning songs as a squirrel scurries by. The sun moves higher in the sky; two pajama-clad children appear and clamber up onto the deck.

front-doorWith their backs against the rough tree trunk, the children chatter about their plans to invite their classmates over for an epic treehouse battle. They fall silent momentarily when a butterfly flutters by the girl’s face, almost landing on her nose.

Drop-Table-ChairsThen a woman appears at the bottom of the ladder and calls the children in for lunch. “Aww, Mom, can’t we eat out here?” After a moments hesitation, the woman is gone and the children set up the drop-leaf table and stools with grins on their faces. They scurry off only to reappear with turkey sandwiches and apples in hand.

Rope-n-Rung-LadderBack to playing! The boy is halfway up the hanging rope-n-rung ladder when there is a shout from next door. It’s the neighbors, asking to come over and play. Since the arrival of the Classic Treehouse, this backyard has been a focal point for the kids on the block.







Classic-Treehouse-3-backThe afternoon passes in a blur of climbing bodies, close escapes, and shrieks of delight. Provisions are hoisted up on the pulley bucket while secret passwords are whispered into the peephole. When growling tummies and grown-up voices signal dinnertime, the children leave reluctantly with plans to resume the game tomorrow. Darkness creeps slowly into the branches as the birds bed down in the growing silence.

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