Days of Gratitude

Wild-Oasis-1With Thanksgiving approaching, our thoughts naturally turn towards giving thanks. While adults may be happy to jump in with a list of gratitudes, children aren’t always the best at showing their appreciation. Sometimes its because they’re busy running off to their next adventure but often its because they think you already know. They assume their shining eyes and rosy cheeks speak for them. Let’s imagine what they would say if they took the time to put their thoughts into words.
Turbo-Sliding I’m thankful for slides that twist and turn me until the world is a blur and I can’t remember why I’m laughing.togethernessI’m thankful for the way my best friend’s face lights up when he sees me and that we always agree on who’s playing the cops and who’s playing the robbers.rung-ladde-2r I’m thankful for rope ladders with just enough wiggle that I feel proud when I get to the top. Proud enough to forget about a lousy spelling test or a scary dog or a mean look from my brother or having to eat my least-favorite vegetable two night in a row.Telescope-1I’m thankful for the moments when I lose myself in my imaginary world and I feel like I truly am the king of the hill.

Your turn. Look back through your recent photos and imagine what the captions would be. Bet there’s a lot of gratitude in those pictures!


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