Doorway to Play

Peek-a-BooFor children, a door can be many things: Protection against the Big Bad Wolf or a howling blizzard. A welcoming entrance to a land where kids rule. A threshold they can control, welcoming friends and banishing enemies. Add in a few play accessories and the door often becomes a focal point of imaginative play.


The “who-goes-there” peephole is perfect for demanding a secret password or an oath or loyalty.

Castleland-1Dutch doors add versatility to children’s play. Open the top panel and you’re ready to open a drive-thru restaurant or a fortune telling business. Conversely, open the bottom panel and you’ve created a doggie door.

Dutch door-2A clever, built-in mailbox is ready to handle all your correspondence, from royal banquet invitations to ransom notes.








A “speaking tube” connects the indoors and outdoors in this play house, allowing you to communicate secretly with someone on the outside. A must-have for those under siege, trying to get a message across enemy lines!


Even the birdhouse needs a door, in this case a round one just the right size for a plump sparrow.

Dutch doorWhether coming or going, these whimsical doors delight children. And our signature 1/2 inch gap means no pinched fingers to interrupt their creative flow.


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