Dreams Happen 2017

Happy crewAs we’ve done bi-annually for almost 2o years, we delivered our latest Dreams Happen donation to Stanford Shopping Center this week in the lead-up to the June 3 Gala and Playhouse Auction. Benefitting Rebuilding Together Peninsula, this auction brings together local builders and architects (or in our case, artist-builders) to create and donate unique play structures and raise money for RTP’s mission of repairing and renovating homes owned by low-income individuals.IMG_5393

This year’s submission is Castleland, a passport to the kingdom of kids. Their first royal decree is free play for all!

IMG_5388Whether you’re peering out the turret windows, daydreaming on the second-story balcony, or plotting your escape from the king’s dungeon, Castleland is the perfect setting for a royal romp. Hold on to your crown as you zip up the rope net climb, slide down the fire pole, hoist yourself along the rock wall or scamper across the swinging bridge.

IMG_5385Like all our creations, this donation is handcrafted with eco-friendly sustainable redwood and natural weather-proofing tung-oil stains for a durable structure that’s easy on the Earth.

IMG_5390For added peace of mind, we include a one-inch gap around every door and shutter to eliminate the possibilty of pinched fingers cutting playtime short.

Blog-Coming off dockCastleland’s journey to the Stanford Shopping Center begins with a short ride on a forklift…

Blog-on the flatbedFollowed by a long ride on a big rig.


IMG_5387 For a fun walk down memory lane, check out this post chronicling our past donations.

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