Dynamite Tree Fort

Dynamite Tree Fort-1 Dynamite Tree Fort combines our Robin Hood Tree Fort with swings, bridge, rope net climber and a tree deck. Built in 2008 for a stay-at-home dad and his children, this structure transformed their backyard into the playdate capital of the neighborhood. Dynamite Tree Fort-4Take the rung ladder or the rope net up to the tree deck to commune with the foliage. Down below, double and single swings beckon.Dynamite Tree Fort-6Which is the fastest way down? Is it along the spiral path of the enclosed tube slide or a straight shot down the fire pole? You’ll have to try them both to find out! Dynamite Tree Fort-3Built into the bottom floor of the Robin Hood tower is a playhouse, complete with our signature Dutch doors, “who-goes-there” peephole and 1/2-inch clearance around the door to prevent pinched fingers. Inside, handcarved wooden furniture and built-in cabinets set the stage for imaginative play or snack time. Dynamite Tree Fort-7Barbara and the family collaborated on the charmingly bright palette during the extensive design process. Above, the artist sketch. Below, Dynamite Tree Fort brought to life.

Dynamite Tree Fort-2

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