Tree Elegance

Snow White-1Once our lovely Elegant Treehouse had been fully constructed in the shop, we installed it on site. Here, you can see how Barbara picked up elements of the main house’s style to echo in the treehouse design, creating a related offspring, rather than a smaller clone.

Snow White-4Spanning two massive redwood trees, the structure aligns with the house in a way that unifies the small backyard and beckons the children to the outdoors.

Snow White-2The charming design leaves itself open to be used in ever-changing ways as the three sister grow up. Whether they are bird watching, hanging with friends, sketching, reading or day dreaming, this place is a get-away from the grown-up world of homework and chores.

Snow White-3We had so much fun pairing this stately treehouse with the redwood’s rough bark, joining rough-and-tumble with relaxation — the recipe for a well-balanced childhood, in our opinion!


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