Elegant Treehouse

Clubhouse copyDestined to be the hang-out for three sisters, Elegant Treehouse is our latest project. Unlike the exuberant colors of some of our structures, this stately clubhouse’s earth tones will exude a dignified charm.IMG_4459In fact, Elegant Treehouse is designed to play off the colors and shapes of the main house for a cohesive and mature look that will maintain its appeal as the children enter the teenage years. To achieve this look, we are even foregoing our signature tung-oil stains in favor and painting the treehouse instead.

Roof-interiorOne thing which remains the same, however, is our meticulous carpentry which features sustainably-grown redwood lumber. This geometric roof is built by hand before being painted and assembled on-site.jumble of rails painted white undercoatSurrounding the clubhouse, an open deck area flanked with charming white railing will allow for full immersion in the natural beauty of the two redwood trees that anchor this structure.
Treehouse-ElevationAccess to the treehouse will be via a ladder nestled up against one of the majestic redwoods, just foreboding enough to keep the grown-ups out.

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