Empty Shop – crew’s on site!

The Barbara Butler crew of Play Professionals packed up the truck this morning and drove to site. Hot, hot day for carting heavy pieces up a hill and digging post holes- pics tomorrow!

Meanwhile, the shop is empty. It’s like a ghost town when the crew is gone. Just the rattling of the overhead doors and the birds chirping in the rafters – noises we usually don’t hear when the saws are buzzing.

Just the little Gable Roof for the Cozy Cabin playhouse (next project) sitting by it’s lonesome in the building bay…

Along with the front wall of the Cozy Cabin, already built. All the carvings have been “chalked” on – just waiting for someone to hand-carve the images onto the redwood.

We did get a shipment of slides today, which helps to fill up the Detailing bay. The bridge walls for Castle Play Structure were left behind – probably going out tomorrow.

Same with the giant Rope Net Ladder – Armando will finish weaving the netting and then it too will go to site.

Besides us shop gals and Daisy, Rudi is the only one left. He is staining the Cozy Cabin inside walls today and has laid out the roof stars to dry.

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  1. What a wonderful ciotaren. When I was a kid my father built a little three house for me in order to play with my playmates. I suddenly remembered it when I saw your post. Thank you.

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