Finished Mod Treehouse

There’s nothing like a treehouse to bring you up close to the calming beauty of nature. Mod¬†Treehouse brings you right into the heart of a redwood grove that sparkles with dappled sunlight.Wind your way through this cluster trees like an arboreal animal, or stop to ponder the mystery above and below.
Our treehouses seek to enhance the beauty and health of each tree, so Barbara designs around the redwood’s natural contours, allowing branches to jut out from the window cut-outs at the tree fort, a large open area.At other points, special notches allow each branch to remain undisturbed as Mod Treehouse flourishes around the tree. Low window cut-outs enclose clear plexiglass-glass for an accident-free view.With our signature tung-oil stain, we not only protect the structure from the elements, but also protect the plant, animal and insect world that exists in the treetops from toxic pigments and seals.¬† This stunning view from the tree fort area says it all. Mod Treehouse brings you sky, redwoods, and breezes. What more could you want?

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