Staining the Retreat Huts

We’ve been working on creating Retreat Huts for the new Redwood City Magical Bridge  in the shop. Unlike classic playgrounds, these are specially designed to provide inclusive play for every body, including those who use wheelchairs or who are dealing with autism and other challenges. Once the fabrication is complete, we move on to the staining process. Our signature tung oil stains penetrate the wood deeply to create brilliant hues while also allowing the grain of the lumber to shine through. In addition, the stain is non-toxic and weather resistant for long-lasting color. The Retreat Huts are adorned with a calming palette of various shades of blue since their purpose is to provide a refuge for children who are overstimulated by the hustle and bustle of the playground. Note that there is space between the slates for curious eyes to peep through as the child is ready.

Here, Barbara takes advantage of the natural light on our loading dock to arrange various color swatches on the table.  Our builder-artists do all the staining by hand to create the unique, charming style that we are known for. This attention to detail also allows us to ensure proper stain penetration on every board.

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