For all the Mothers…

King-Fort-1On this Mother’s Day week, we’d like to take a moment to recognize all the amazing moms out there. And though we don’t make tree houses for parents (and maybe we should?!), we think our work has something in it for moms, too.

That snack time the little ones spent in their new fort? That’s an uninterrupted cup of tea for Mom.Double water cannon-3

That water cannon fight that lasted all afternoon? That’s a mimosa and a good laugh with a friend for Mom.

That outdoor chalkboard that keeps the little ones busy after school? That’s a few chapters of a good book for Mom.


That telescope that the kids┬ácan’t get enough of? That’s yoga in the grass for Mom.

That pirate ship game that keeps them occupied all weekend? That’s a snooze in the hammock for Mom.
Betty Staining-1We’d be remiss not to mention Betty Butler, mom extraordinaire, whose love of children and building inspired the beginnings of the whole Barbara Butler Artist/Builder adventure. Though she is no longer with us, her spirit and enthusiasm live on in her children. Happy Mother’s Day!

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