Forest Lookout (Part 2)

 In our last post, we followed the design and fabrication process for Forest Lookout. Next up is installation. The components made in the shop arrive on-site and are placed in their respective locations.

After each piece is secured and safety tested, small details are attended to for a flawless final structure. Sustainable second-growth redwood, made weather-resistant with non-toxic tung oil, combines with sturdy rope for a durable structure that is ready for anything the kids come up with!

But it’s not only about workmanship and quality materials. Forest Outlook is also loaded with fun features: 
A hanging bridge leads to a platform high among the treetops. 
From below, the platform is almost completely hidden behind the foliage, giving it an air of forest mystery.  

The stationary bridge is outfitted with a double water cannon; watch out below! 
Climb the rope ladder on one side or dash around to the other side to take the stairs.

Inside the playhouse stands a drop-leaf table, perfect for snack breaks or tea parties. 

An embankment slide makes use of the natural shape of the hill, and becomes a water slide at the turn of a handle! Besides keeping kids cool in sunny L.A., this slide is also drought-friendly: a drain at the bottom diverts water to a cistern that is used for watering the landscape.

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