Fort Flintridge

fort-flintridge-1A gaggle of children eagerly explores our latest structure, Fort Flintridge in Los Angeles, during the grand opening party. With a rock wall, rope net climb, ladder, wacky rungs and a spiral tube slide, this custom structure overflows with options for getting up and down the two towers. In between, three swings and a set of monkey bars ensures that every kid stays busy.
final-color-mapLike all of our custom structures, this one began on paper in close consultation with the whole family. The color map above helped lead everyone to a consensus on the palette that was brought to life in this California The components of the structure are built and stained in our shop and then disassembled for transport to the site. Once there, we fit each piece together and anchor it into the ground.
fort-flintridge-3The next step? Grand Opening Party! Here, the family has invited their friends and neighbors to check out the latest center for fun in their backyard.
As part of their play, these children are unknowingly gaining strength and coordination as well as raising their emotional intelligence through collaborative play. At the end of the day, their parents enjoy the distinct pleasure of putting happy and worn-out children to bed.

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