Fort Saratoga

Fort Saratoga-1 Welcome to Fort Saratoga, home of non-stop fun. Barbara’s signature “loops of play” create mix-and-match routes up, down and around this sprawling structure. Climb the rock wall, then zip down the twirly tunnel slide. Now it’s back up the rope net climb, scamper across bridge and down the ladder, with your pick of long or short. Regular ladder not enough of a challenge? Take the wacky ladder instead, with each rung at a different wacky angle, and finish it off with an exhilarating ride down the firefighter’s pole.Fort Saratoga-2 Built for two lively children, Fort Saratoga is packed with engaging features to keep them occupied for hours. In fact, the family wanted it completed in time for summer vacation, even though the rest of the yard is still under construction. (Hence, the orange netting in the background.) Hanging from the bridge, there’s a swing for each of them to minimize sibling squabbles. Fort Saratoga-3 At one end you’ll find a full playhouse, complete with a who-goes-there peephole in the door, shuttered windows, weather-proof roof and skylight. Doused in the colors of a tropical island, the playhouse offers another dimension to the multi-faceted fun of Fort Saratoga.7C4213F4-6BEC-45B1-812E-13AF286F5FCFF9F711CB-2FE3-46E1-B3E3-2BBF9EFFCE47











Inside, hand-crafted wooden chairs and a drop-leaf table entice the children to snack time or arts-and-craft projects. A series of wooden hooks and shelves stand at the ready for coats, toys and games. There’s even a Top Secret safe with a real, functional combination lock for stowing treasured items, or secret maps to faraway lands.
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Outside again, twin water guns sit atop the bridge, ready to defend the kingdom, or provide cool relief from hot summer days. There’s even a rope and bucket pulley, in case you need to send emergency popsicles to the upper level!

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