Fort Saskatchewan

2017 King Fort re-stained 1Fort Saskatchewan, built in 2005 for a Canadian family, recently got a face-lift when they decided to re-stain it in preparation for another twelve years of fun and games.
2005 King Fort-2Originally built for four adorable brothers, Fort Saskatchewan includes a tunnel slide, rope net climb, rock wall, two swings, tower and playhouse.  Using a small corner of the yard, this Fort packs in enough activity for many children and multiple loops of play.

2006 WinterIn addition to playing host to parties and games on sunny days, Fort Saskatchewan has endured many Canadian winters. Luckily, our signature eco-friendly tung oil stain is designed to protect the wood while imparting vivid colors, no matter the weather.
2005-Boys-with-water-cannonFor warmer weather, water hoses installed on the bridge provide a quick cool-down. Since the day this picture was taken, Fort Saskatchewan has aged and these youngsters have grown up.
2017 Boys with Water CannonHere, the brothers recreate their childhood picture while Fort Saskatchewan shows off her newly re-stained look.2017 King Fort re-stained 2The Fort has now been joined by a backyard pool and a trampoline, ready for friends of all ages, or perhaps grandchildren in the future. What a fun place to hang!

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