From Shop to Site: The Fabrication & Installation Process


Once the design process and stick-out is complete, it’s time to head back to the shop for the fabrication process. Alongside stacks of sustainably grown redwood lumber, a playhouse begins to take shape.


Our structures are designed to be built in flat panels, making them easier to transport to site. Once there, they are bolted together. Here, Marco and Jose attach the wooden paneling to the framing with screws.


Decorative touches, such as our signature cut-out shapes, come next. Kat screws in the last few panels before getting out the jigsaw to create diamonds, stars and hearts. Now the only thing left is staining the structure.
IMG_0291 At the site, these pre-made pieces are fit together around the tree. Despite our hard work in the shop, a few more connecting pieces must be made on the spot to ensure a perfect fit.IMG_0285Windows, doors and railings are added in later.
IMG_0287Temporary supports around the tree provide stability while the main supports are checked and double-checked.

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