Our prefabrication process allows us to do the building in our shop, making the installation process quicker and less disruptive to the family. Moving heavy, solid wood components does require a lot of teamwork, however!We begin by laying the various wall sections out in the correct order. As you can see, the roof is a completed single piece that will be securely fastened to the assembled playhouse. If the family should ever want to move the structure, this system allows the entire contraption to be taken apart once again and re-assembled in the new location.
Here, sections of rope netting are hand-lashed to the swinging bridge for a perfect fit. Each of the colorful rock climbing holds is professional-grade for maximum durability.Rather than rely on heavy machinery, we count on human power to efficiently and carefully maneuver each part to the right spot, which is particularly comes in handy when we are installing in areas that are small or have unusual terrain.Almost done!

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