Happy Earth Day!

Log-Lookout-6While we consider every day to beĀ Earth Day, the annual event is a great way to remind all of us to keep putting the planet first. At BBAB, we weave a commitment to protecting the environment into each of our business decisions, from what materials we use to how we build and install.
lumberAll of our lumber is made from sustainable redwood grown in well-managed forests. In addition, we use Construction Heart and Heart B grade wood rather than Clear Heart which comes from a much older tree. We also buy our lumber in bulk and strive to use each and every piece that comes through the door.

Stain colorsOur signature colors come from natural tung oil stains that are made in-shop to provide lasting, vibrant hues while also protecting and moisturizing the wood. They are made without fungicides or biocides, ensuring that they are non-toxic and safe for playing children and our workers.

stain colors-2Once they are applied, the transparent nature of the tung oil allows the wood’s natural grain to show through for a warm, inviting aesthetic. They are also part of the formula for creating structures that will last for generations, and their timeless appeal means they never go out of style.stain colors-3In the shop, we meticulously build the pieces for our treehouses in a manner that minimizes waste and our impact on the planet. While it does require more labor to fabricate in this manner, we think the environmental benefits are worth it.
ModularOn site, we once again rely on human power rather than heavy machinery to hand-dig the footings, assemble the structure and complete the project. This method protects the existing landscape from damage. Each treehouse is carefully crafted to coexist with a living tree, allowing room for growth and movement, and attaching to the trunk using only arborist-approved methods.

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