Happy Fathers Day!

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the great Dads in our Family:

Robert Butler (#7 of 8):
Dad to Isabel and Francesca, 2 teenage daughters!
Helps us build the really unusual tree houses and play structures.
Owner & operator of “Coyote Creek Studio” a fully operational recording studio in Sebastopol, CA. Robert records and manages local bands and loves to play in his own band.
Check out Coyote Creek Studio

Dennis Hustead:
Husband of Pat Butler (#1 of 8) and Dad to Melissa, Veronique, Gabrielle (our bookkeeper), Genevieve & Aubrey (our newest crew member).
Dennis & Pat own Hustead Canvas Creations in Norfolk, VA and make awesome commercial & residential awnings. They also make covers, curtains and roofs for our play structures, treehouses and theaters!
Check out Hustead Canvas Creationswww.husteadscanvascreations.com/

Bruce Light:
Husband of Ember Butler (#2 of 8) and acting Dad to Sean (expert treehouse builder), Lila (works part time in the office) & Tym.

The Brewster is king of the sports court!

Bradford Furlong:
Husband of Eileen Butler (#8 of 8 – the baby of the family) and father of 3 kids: Wesley, Madeline & Amelia (who are all going to college this September). Yowser!

Brad & Eileen are both attorneys. Their business, Furlong-Butler Attorneys is a general practice servicing clients in Northwest Washington… www.furlongbutler.com

that have actively enjoyed their Barbara Butler tree house and/or play structure with their kids over the past 25 years!

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