Hillbrook School Playground

1_Basic copy Hillbrook School‘s new playground treehouse fuses adventure and protection as children explore the treetops while enveloped in a cocoon of rope netting.

9_Net2With special cut-outs to accommodate the majestic tree at the heart of this play area, this treehouse allows Hillbrook’s young students to explore freely on a platform deck large enough to accommodate a whole class. 5_High SlideTo get down, take an exhilarating ride down the tube slide or chart your own course across the swinging bridge and down the steps. The steps encompass both an ADA compliant transfer platform and a crawl-through tunnel.
4_BroadFrom the rope net climb to the coil climber, opportunities for the full-body climbing experience that kids crave are all around. What better way to spend recess?A2_JumpSurrounded by mulch for maximum impact absorption, this treehouse is ready for anything that a passel of schoolchildren can dish out!

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